On Sampling from the Multivariate t Distribution

The multivariate normal and the multivariate t distributions belong to the most widely used multivariate distributions in statistics, quantitative risk management, and insurance. In contrast to the multivariate normal distribution, the parameterization of the multivariate t distribution does not correspond to its moments. This, paired with a non-standard implementation in the R package mvtnorm, provides traps for working with the multivariate t distribution. In this paper, common traps are clarified and corresponding recent changes to mvtnorm are presented.

Marius Hofert

CRAN packages used

mvtnorm, MASS, evir, mnormt, QRM

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Distributions, Multivariate, Environmetrics, ExtremeValue, Econometrics, Finance, NumericalMathematics, Pharmacokinetics, Psychometrics, Robust, SocialSciences


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Hofert, "The R Journal: On Sampling from the Multivariate t Distribution", The R Journal, 2013

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