fanplot: An R Package for Visualising Sequential Distributions

Fan charts, first developed by the Bank of England in 1996, have become a standard method for visualising forecasts with uncertainty. Using shading fan charts focus the attention towards the whole distribution away from a single central measure. This article describes the basics of plotting fan charts using an R add-on package alongside some additional methods for displaying sequential distributions. Examples are based on distributions of both estimated parameters from a time series model and future values with uncertainty.

Guy J. Abel

CRAN packages used

vars, forecast, fanplot, R2OpenBUGS, zoo, tsbugs, RColorBrewer, shiny

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

TimeSeries, Econometrics, Finance, Environmetrics, gR, Graphics, Spatial, WebTechnologies


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Abel, "The R Journal: fanplot: An R Package for Visualising Sequential Distributions", The R Journal, 2015

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