smoof: Single- and Multi-Objective Optimization Test Functions

Benchmarking algorithms for optimization problems usually is carried out by running the algorithms under consideration on a diverse set of benchmark or test functions. A vast variety of test functions was proposed by researchers and is being used for investigations in the literature. The smoof package implements a large set of test functions and test function generators for both the single and multi-objective case in continuous optimization and provides functions to easily create own test functions. Moreover, the package offers some additional helper methods, which can be used in the context of optimization.

Jakob Bossek

CRAN packages used

emoa, mco, ecr, cec2005benchmark, cec2013, globalOptTests, soobench, smoof, ParamHelpers, ggplot2

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

Optimization, Graphics, Phylogenetics


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Bossek, "The R Journal: smoof: Single- and Multi-Objective Optimization Test Functions", The R Journal, 2017

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