Dot-Pipe: an S3 Extensible Pipe for R

Pipe notation is popular with a large league of R users, with magrittr being the dominant realization. However, this should not be enough to consider piping in R as a settled topic that is not subject to further discussion, experimentation, or possibility for improvement. To promote innovation opportunities, we describe the wrapr R package and “dot-pipe” notation, a well behaved sequencing operator with S3 extensibility. We include a number of examples of using this pipe to interact with and extend other R packages.

John Mount , Nina Zumel

CRAN packages used

data.table, magrittr, dplyr, future, rmonad, pipeR, backpipe, drake, wrapr, ggplot2, rquery

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

HighPerformanceComputing, Databases, Finance, Graphics, ModelDeployment, Phylogenetics, WebTechnologies


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For attribution, please cite this work as

Mount & Zumel, "The R Journal: Dot-Pipe: an S3 Extensible Pipe for R", The R Journal, 2018

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