ggplot2 Compatible Quantile-Quantile Plots in R

Q-Q plots allow us to assess univariate distributional assumptions by comparing a set of quantiles from the empirical and the theoretical distributions in the form of a scatterplot. To aid in the interpretation of Q-Q plots, reference lines and confidence bands are often added. We can also detrend the Q-Q plot so the vertical comparisons of interest come into focus. Various implementations of Q-Q plots exist in R, but none implements all of these features. qqplotr extends ggplot2 to provide a complete implementation of Q-Q plots. This paper introduces the plotting framework provided by qqplotr and provides multiple examples of how it can be used.

Alexandre Almeida , Adam Loy , Heike Hofmann

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base, lattice, car, ggplot2, qqplotr, stats, robustbase, boot

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Multivariate, Econometrics, Graphics, Robust, SocialSciences, Finance, Optimization, Phylogenetics, Survival, TimeSeries


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Almeida, et al., "The R Journal: ggplot2 Compatible Quantile-Quantile Plots in R", The R Journal, 2018

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