stplanr: A Package for Transport Planning

Tools for transport planning should be flexible, scalable, and transparent. The stplanr package demonstrates and provides a home for such tools, with an emphasis on spatial transport data and non-motorized modes. The stplanr package facilitates common transport planning tasks including: downloading and cleaning transport datasets; creating geographic “desire lines” from origin-destination (OD) data; route assignment, locally and interfaces to routing services such as; calculation of route segment attributes such as bearing and aggregate flow; and ‘travel watershed’ analysis. This paper demonstrates this functionality using reproducible examples on real transport datasets. More broadly, the experience of developing and using R functions for transport applications shows that open source software can form the basis of a reproducible transport planning workflow. The stplanr package, alongside other packages and open source projects, could provide a more transparent and democratically accountable alternative to the current approach, which is heavily reliant on proprietary and relatively inaccessible software.

Robin Lovelace , Richard Ellison

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