R News Volume 1/3

Articles published in the September 2001 issue of R News

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Table of contents

Friedrich Leisch 1

Contributed Research Articles

Porting R to Darwin/X11 and Mac OS X
Jan Leeuw 2

RPVM: Cluster statistical computing in R
Michael Na Li and A. J. Rossini 4

Strucchange: Testing for structural change in linear regression relationships
Achim Zeileis 8

Programmer’s Niche: Macros in R
Thomas Lumley 11

More on spatial data
Roger Bivand 13

Object-oriented programming in R
John M. Chambers and Duncan Temple Lang 17

In search of C/C++ & FORTRAN routines
Duncan Temple Lang 20

Support vector machines
David Meyer 23

A primer on the R-Tcl/Tk package
Peter Dalgaard 27

Wle: A package for robust statistics using weighted likelihood
Claudio Agostinelli 32

News and Notes

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik and Friedrich Leisch 38

Changes in R
R Core Team 40